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Download Toolbar : The most convenient download manager available
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Diodia Software

Download Toolbar: The most convenient download manager available.
The Download Toolbar is located at the top of the Internet Explorer's window. Once you find the pictures, movies or documents you want it only takes a single click to transfer the files to your hard disk.
The download engine, and the fact that the toolbar uses the Internet Explorer's own HTML parser, ensures that all files are found, not just on the web page you are viewing, but on sub-pages as well.
The highly configurable download engine can be fine-tuned to suit a variety of download needs. The toolbar comes with pre-defined configurations for downloading thumbnail galleries, movies and pictures from Google's image search.Download Toolbar from Diodia is a swiss army knife for people who love to download Images/Files/Documents from the Web. This toolbar adds features to download what you want from the current Webpage and also has controls to see downloaded images in the form of a gallery .
Download Toolbar has a long list of features including download methods for thumbnail galleries,embedded Google image search and downloading files from Flickr. It also supports some javascript links: like open( ), navigate( ) .
Version 3 has some new download options including open gallery folder , configure minimum file size and configure the distance from start page and number of connections to the server, which makes it a powerful web spider and downloader. It can also use URL patterns to decide which links to follow and which not.
It can play downloaded movies,open downloaded documents/pictures and also show pictures in slide shows. It also has a pretty handy feature to create real links from text that seems to be a link.

Vivek Yadav
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  • Powerful download manager,
  • Nice gallery view for images,
  • normal text to link conversion


  • Not free
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